We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly!

Camera feed – The most important tool for a Cam Model

As you already know, a first impression is made within a few seconds. You should show how happy you are to be here and how willing you are to have a good time. We found that focusing the camera on a Model’s face had the best feedback from Members. A welcoming smile and a positive attitude will be the difference between a quick session or a long private.

We recommend that 90% of your camera feed should focus on your face and charming smile. Also, looking straight into the camera will give the Members the impression that you are maintaining eye contact and will give your room a more “realistic” atmosphere.

Speak, don’t type, in the Free Chat area. With that, you can answer everyone, create a pleasant atmosphere and pay attention to each Member. Be different from the other Models on the site, because you are truly unique!!

A relaxed posture and looking straight into camera gives the Member an impression of familiarity and confidence. Try to keep your face and body visible in the camera feed, as much as possible. What cannot be seen, cannot be appreciated.  

Even if it is hard to keep up with the Guests, you should try! Every Member started out as a Guest and based on our statistics, 40% of Guests return as Members in the future. They are simply testing out the service first, if they like it, they will buy it. The secret is: conversion, conversion, conversion!

After checking the professional pictures on the site, the Member will have high expectations about the Models online. Make sure to keep your appearance as close as possible to your pictures.

You want to offer a crystal clear camera feed that looks and feels natural. For this you must be able to stream in HD quality. Make sure to have our Support colleagues check your video feed and set your camera settings properly.

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