We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly!

How many hours a day should I webcam?

Based on experience and Models’ statistics, we recommend working a minimum of 40 hours/week to earn good money. The more time you spend online, the more Members check you out, take you to Private Chat or decide to return. Models with higher income spend up to 100-120 hours online every period.

Exclusivity makes the difference! Spending time online is important, but it is not the key factor. We found that by focusing all your attention and energy on one site is much better than dividing it between several sites. Trust us, your Members will feel the difference.

You should invest time and energy into possible future returning clients. According to our statistics, a large percentage of Model income is generated by returning clients.

There is no general rule that says which time is the best to be online. You must experiment with different time periods (morning, late night, afternoon) and see which one works the best for you. Please note, having a regular schedule on the site helps you to get more returning Members.

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We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly