We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly!

Promote Yourself

Most websites show to their members which models are new, so you will be getting people coming into your room to check out the new model. During this period, do your best to turn those curious people into regular members. Following the tips listed above will help.

  • Set a Schedule! Before you even begin your first show, decide upon the schedule you want to have for your times on cam. This will make it much easier for those who want to find you later, since they will know when you are on next. This is one of the most important keys to being a top paid model. When your paying regulars know when you’ll be online, they will more likely be online, so you’ll spend more of your online cam time in paid private chats instead of in free chat.
  • Use Twitter. When first starting out, search for the Twitter accounts of popular models. Then begin to follow their male followers. No more than 40 per 8 hours. Although Twitter supposedly lets you do 1,000 follows a day, take it slow and steady. Some of them will follow you back, so within a few days, you should have a large amount of potential clients to advertise to. For example, when you are online, send out a tweet! Send status updates, pictures, promotions, and/or discounts. Just don’t over tweet.
  • On your Twitter account make sure you have a picture of yourself that will encourage people to visit you on cam. Also tweet regularly. You don’t need to be on Twitter all day but 3 – 4 tweets a day will make sure you show up in feeds.
    • Show your personality in your tweets, you should be tweeting when you are going online but if this is all you do people will feel they are getting hard sold to. Tweet pictures of yourself, what you are doing with your day, stuff you like etc etc
  • Promote in your profile. You can do this on Twitter or other social network sites. Add a link to your website in your profile. This way, when you add people and they come to see who you are, they may click. Use bitly to make your links small and customize their looks.
  • Create your own website about yourself and your webcam activities. Although make sure you don’t include personal information that will allow people to find you. Also make sure to get privacy for the domain, so people can’t look up your information. A well-made website could provide you with more traffic from Google and other search engines. It also allows you to have another place to interact with potential clients and regulars.
  • Make a Facebook fan page. Just avoid linking it with your real Facebook account. On the Facebook page, you can interact with people as well, turning some into regulars. You can also promote your online times or when you come on cam unscheduled.
  • Make use of all of the webcam site’s features! Some have fan clubs, which gives you more ways to make money. Others let you sell pictures and videos. Take advantage of those things and promote them on your social networks.

Fan Club – the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Pose, Tease and Talk to your viewers! You will be much more attractive to them if you let them know things about yourself and your behind-the-scenes life! Create your Fan Club and we guarantee that the Members will notice you!

Tip: Use separate outfits in different pictures set in as many locations as possible.

Each Member has special needs and desires and they are all searching for that one Model that can understand and fulfill those. Write a note about each member in the JasminCam application to remember the Member’s personality and needs. This way you will know exactly what they expect and what to offer to keep them satisfied. Create a personal bond with your Members and you will see the results.

We recommend sending personalized offline messages to your Members. This will help them feel that they are not just traffic in your room, but a person that had all your attention at that moment. The number of Members that you contact is up to you, but the more messages you send, the more chance you have for returning Members.

Are you a very active person and have a lot of experiences to share with your fans? Does your Model account have its Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, VK and Flickr accounts active and up to date? Do you have your own website or blog where you share your private thoughts? Promote yourself and keep your members informed about your activities and you will be surprised how much you have in common with them. Please note the rules of the site: promoting other services is not allowed. Use the other platforms instead, to help Members finding you on our site.  Additionally, we can help you create your own page:

  •  Whitelabel site:  http://www.thefanshop.net/en/
  • Twitter accounts
  • Facebook

After that, the sky is the limit! You can develop your page, promote it or use various marketing strategies to raise your income.

We hope that everything mentioned in this guide will help you when you feel that your traffic could be improved. We left the most important piece of advice for last: HAVE PATIENCE. Whether you are a new Model or an experienced one, all of you have to work with an unpredictable element, the human factor. Always remember this and do not be disappointed if your results are not exactly what you want straight away. Be patient, positive and look to the future. As the old saying goes:

„ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

If You need help, just write me : https://twitter.com/hotcamangels

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