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5. Start playing – Show Time

  • ake a deep breaths and relax. Then go live. First and foremost, while appearance was stressed in the Pre-Show, you don’t need to have super model looks. The most important part of webcam modeling is your personality. People want to get to know who you are. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
  • Have fun! Don’t start a show thinking you will make money. You will, but models who are just on cam to make money, aren’t nearly as fun as those who are trying to enjoy the job. People will pay for time with you if they find you fun and entertaining. So let out your wild and fun side. If you’re not having a good time, chances are your viewers aren’t either.
  • Know your limits. Viewers will often times want to get to know you on a personal level. Make up a fake name, location, ect. Pick a location that is in a similar place – if you live in Oregon, say you’re from Nevada. The viewer really doesn’t know. If you don’t want to show your face, then wear a mask or carefully adjust the camera. “Know thyself.”
  • Browse through a few cams and get an idea of what they’re offering. Think about your “room” as a business but remember customer service, great products, and don’t let it get too boring. No one wants a waitress or waiter who is grumpy only looking for tips – they want an experience. Give it to them!
  • Camming can be fun! Make it fun.
  • Thank people for their tips and nice comments. Make conversation. People want more than masturbator, they want a connection. Virtually.
  • Know the rules and regulations of the site. Some cam sites don’t let you smoke on screen. Some (most) often ban you from giving out your Skype or PayPal. Abide by the rules or be always worried about having your account and funds frozen
  • Make use of your audio. People prefer to hear you speaking than typing. You can also say a lot more with your voice, since you can use different tones and inflections that aren’t available by type. People will get to hear you giggle, you whisper, and your moans. That’s part of the package they will want to pay for.
  • Always be friendly and polite! If someone decides to act disruptive in your room, politely ask him or her to stop. If he or she doesn’t, don’t get into a fight, just kick or ban the person. Getting into it with the person will only take your attention away from those who want to pay you for that attention.
  • Acknowledge and chat with everyone. Those who are paying members of the site should hold more of your attention, but free guests can sometimes be turned into paying members. So don’t ignore anyone.
  • Learn nicknames or real names of the people who regularly visit your chatroom. The more they feel like you know each other, the more likely they will return and continue to take you to private chat. Make sure to always be welcoming to new people though, they could take you private, and become new regulars. The more regulars you have, the more time you will spend in private chat making money.
  • If someone asks if you are single, tell him or her you are, even if you aren’t. This gives the fantasy in his or her mind that someday you two could become involved in a relationship. Of course it never will happen, but the fantasy could keep the person around as a paying regular.
  • Beware of Beggars! You will encounter people who will beg you to do something in free chat. Usually it involves showing a part of your body or you doing something. Sometimes they will even promise to take you to private chat, but usually won’t. It’s nice to be responsive to members, and as you gain more experience, you will realise which requests are good to follow through on and which other ones are best left till someone pays.
  • Don’t be afraid to make use of the toys and props you have at the ready! And do let those in your room know, what you have at the ready. That will lead to more private chats.
  • Take the time to get up every so often. Dance around a little, keep your blood flowing and your enthusiasm up. If you are just sitting there looking bored, you will find it much harder to get paid for private chats.
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